School Leaders Share “a Day in the Life of Suffolk Public Schools” with State Politicians

12/2/2015 –

The hunt for homonyms was on for third-graders and Kilby Shores Elementary School.

They were running around trying to match an index card taped on their back to another student’s card.  They were having fun, being active, and learning about homonyms.  The “right” student and to find the “write” student, while “pair” searched for the “pear” and the “knight” sought out the “night.”

Virginia Del S. Chris Jones (76th District) and Virginia Sen. John A. Cosgrove (14th District) visited classrooms at Kilby Shores Elementary School after a roundabout dialogue with school leaders.  Superintendent Deran R. Whitney, three school board members, and Kilby Shores administrators sat down with legislators to discuss state funding and accountability for student learning.

Members of the School Board joining the legislative tour were Phyllis C. Byrum, Enoch C. Copeland, and David P. Mitnick.

The visit was sparked by the Virginia School Boards Association’s promotion of Take Your Legislator to School Month, which is designed to promote a stronger relationship between educational and political leaders as they work together to ensure the best possible education for students.

Other General Assembly members who represents parts of the City of Suffolk were invited to join this session.