Jobs & Economy

As a small business owner, Chris continues to support strategic investments in workforce development and legistlation promoting the success of business throughout our community and Commonwealth.

Under Chris' leadership as Appropriations Chair, Virginia has regained its Number One ranking in the country for states to do business in, according to CNBC.


As a pharmacist, Chris is deeply invested in ensuring access to quality, affordable health care for the citizens of Suffolk – including enhancements to mental health care services and treatment for those suffering from the opioid crisis.

Chris worked to ensure private insurance companies are required to cover mental health services and cannot deny based on pre-existing conditions for any long term plans and helped to found the Western Tidewater Free Clinic, which provides mental health services in Suffolk and the surrounding communities for those unable to afford the care they need.


Chris understands the congestion issues that a growing state faces and knows that the less time you spend sitting in traffic means more time at home with your family. He serves on the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission which decides how the money appropriated to Hampton Roads for new roads and bridges gets spent. He has been a strong proponent of sweeping transportation reform that has improved the infrastructure of the Commonwealth to shorten your commute to work every day.


As Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Chris secured a substantial pay raise for our teachers this year, the third raise in five years. Chris also championed the recent freeze on tuition for Virginia public universities to make sure our colleges are both affordable and world-class.


Chris was a strong supporter of the Albert G. Horton Memorial Veterans Cemetery in Suffolk. The location in Suffolk currently has memorials for nearly 13,000 of our fallen heroes. All of our veterans deserve respect and dignity in life and death, as do their families. The Jones & Cabacoy Veterans Care Center in Virginia Beach is also a point of pride for Chris. Chris worked with Secretary Harvey and Majority Leader Cox to get funding for a Hampton Roads veterans care facility passed in 2015. Opening in 2021, this 120-bed facility will provide excellent care for our veterans, especially those in Southeast Virginia. In addition to the Jones & Cabacoy location, the 2015 legislation also funded the Puller Veterans Care Center, a similar 120-bed facility in Fauquier County.

Tax Relief

Chris fought to provide tax relief to our citizens by providing a rebate of $110 for a single filer and $220 for a married filer that will be paid in October of 2019. Starting in tax year 2019, Chris worked to provide a 50% increase in Virginia’s standard deduction to $4,500 for a single filer and $9,000 for a married filer.