Jobs & Economy:

Del. Jones has a proven record of supporting legislation that makes it easier for Virginia businesses to operate and thrive. He stands behind policies that help create jobs for the Commonwealth by cutting back on government red tape that gets in the way of running a business. As a small business owner himself, Chris knows what it takes to create good-paying jobs that help Virginia’s families. He supports Virginia’s Right to Work laws that protect workers from being forced into paying union dues and helps businesses continue to run efficiently and continue to grow and hire.

Government Spending:

Chris knows that you want the most for your hard earned tax dollars and expect the government to use your money wisely. This is why he has fought to cut out wasteful spending so that your tax dollars can be put to better use such as funding for new roads and bridges and better technology in our public schools.


Chris understands the congestion issues that a growing state faces and knows that the less time you spend sitting in traffic means more time at home with your family. He serves on the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission that decides how the money appropriated to Hampton Roads for new roads and bridges gets spent. He has been a champion of sweeping transportation reform that will improve the infrastructure of the entire state of Virginia and shorten your commute to and from work every day.


Del. Jones has championed Education reform bills that will make standardized testing more applicable to real world situations and critical thinking skills. This will ensure that the children of Virginia are prepared and competitive in a global workforce. He understands that the children are the future of the commonwealth and deserve the very best from the public school system so that they have a fair shot at success.


Del. Jones was named the 2013 Delegate of the Year by the Virginia State Police Association as well as receiving numerous other awards from law enforcement agencies. He is not only committed to supporting our brave men and women in law enforcement but also supporting policy that help keep our neighborhoods safe.

Second Amendment:

Chris understands that gun ownership is a fundamental right of all American’s and has been a champion of protecting the Second Amendment. He believes in the value of owning firearms for home defense and sport. He rejects bills that infringe on the fundamental rights of Virginians to own and carry firearms.